About ELAP

Entry Level Analyst Program (ELAP) offers you an introduction to the world of business analysis and problem solving. ELAP is an intensive entry level competencies development program designed to equip career focused recent graduates and entry level professionals with the requisite orientation, knowledge, skills, exposure and aptitude required for entry level effectiveness in a fast-paced work environment.

The Entry Level Analyst Program is an abridged version of the Global Analyst Training Program, an highly sought-after mini-MBA program. Modules to be covered in ELAP include Introduction to Business Analysis and Big data Analytics, Effective Data and Information Presentation, Career Development and Work Ethics. The curriculum, case studies and projects are tailored and integrated to ensure participants are job ready for an excellent career in the Financial Services, Consulting, Telecoms, FMCG and Professional Service sectors.


"High impact program for Aspiring and Young Professionals"

Program Benefits

  • Participants will gain an introduction to business analysis concepts, and be equipped for an Entry Level role with any of the leading firms.
  • Learn about framework for developing a research strategy that includes everything from problem definition, instrument design, data collection, data analysis, and decision making.
  • Understand good work ethics, proper business etiquette and professional conducts.
  • Acquire valuable skills and enjoy long term career development support needed to accelerate your career offered to GAA alumni.
  • Understand career progression opportunities across different career paths, and how to narrow down to your specific areas of interest.

Who Should Enroll

Fresh Graduates and Graduate Trainees

Those Considering
Graduate School


Understand the world of work, and acquire fundamental skills for career acceleration.

Strengthen your analytical skills before pursuing an MBA or other graduate program.

Develop a data mindset to make more informed business decisions and advance your career.

Program Structure


  •  Introduction to Business Analysis, Data Analytics, and Big Data Analytics
  •  Effective Data and Information Presentation using MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and PowerBI
  •  Career Development and Job Opportunity Linkage

Program dates: March – April 2021
Cost: N10,000 // $25
Delivery Mode: Online Self-paced

What Students Say



Life changing!

My decision to attend ELAP and later GATP was a life changing decision. The experience has given me an edge that has set my career on a positive trajectory.

Emmanuel Onyia

Management Consulting Intern, KPMG

I enjoyed the course thoroughly!

Enlightening and quite engaging with great case studies that are world class.

Banji Olaleye

Field Service Engineer, General Electric (GE)