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At Global Analyst Academy, we are dedicated to learning. We offer a complete and unique range of analyst programs for students and managers. 

Our course catalog has been designed to deliver educational and practical experiences that ensure practice as you learn. We want to help you uncover your uniqueness, discover your passion and develop the career that lets you stand out and make a meaningful impact.

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Apply for GATP (Mini-MBA)

Join the next cohort of the Global Analyst Training Program (GATP), a mini-MBA program designed to provide the robust knowledge you need to thrive as an Emerging Executive.

Exclusive Benefits

Global Certificate

We adequately prepare you to demonstrate the capabilities promised on your certificate anywhere in the world.

Alumni Support

We are committed to providing a life-long support for you through our alumni hub, while we also connect you with job opportunities within and outside our network.

Books & Library

We have a repository of research reports, articles and multimedia resources curated exclusively for our students.

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Our Faculty are products of leading institutions and organizations in the world. GAA’s faculty develop cutting-edge resource that inspires and supports leading executives across industries.

Through continuous research and excellent professional practice in various industries, our faculty are able to steer change in business and society, while passing on the knowledge to our students.

Alumni Stories




The program provided a solid learning platform necessary to succeed in my career.

David Adu

Senior Analyst, Meristem Securities Ltd


It was a hands on practical experience that help hone my critical thinking and problem solving abilities.

Ademola Adewuyi

Digital Product Manager, Keystone Bank

My GATP experience was simply amazing. It helped me understand and analyse data better in my role as a Clinic Manager. What I loved the most was the financial analysis session.

Cynthia Ogidi

Clinic Manager, Medbury Medical Services

Enlightening and quite engaging with great case studies that are world class.

Banji Olaleye

Field Service Engineer, General Electric (GE)

My decision to attend GATP was a life changing decision. The experience has given me an edge that has set my career on a positive trajectory.

Emmanuel Onyia

Management Consulting Intern, KPMG

My GATP experience clarified my understanding of the role of a business analyst.

Joshua Odebisi

Research Analyst, Vetiva Capital

The capabilities I acquired during the GATP program helped me launch my business analysis career.

Jude Odika

Business Analyst, Altara Credit Limited

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