Global Analyst Academy offers unique training and certification programs for analysts and managers across all functional areas.

We bring classroom business education to life through the use of our established case study method and our innovative, student-centered approach.

Our courses are designed to give you the fluency, skills, and confidence needed to fully participate and succeed in the world of business. Whether that means a seat in the boardroom, or meetings with top industry experts or the skills to excel in an MBA program – Global Analyst Academy gives you the tools you need to belong wherever you desire to be.


Entry Level Analyst Program (ELAP)

Entry Level Analyst Program (ELAP) offers you an introduction to the world of strategic thinking and problem solving. E-LAP is an intensive entry level competencies development package to equip career focused graduates and final year students with the requisite orientation, knowledge, skills, exposure and aptitude required for entry level effectiveness as Analysts in critical sectors across the global economic space.

Entry Level Analyst Program | Global Analyst Academy
Small Business Analyst Program

Small Business Analyst Program (SBAP)

The Small Business Analyst Program (SBAP) is ideal for business owners and individuals who are already providing consulting services to small businesses seeking to deepen their knowledge and expertise. SBAP blends real-world innovation experience with proven research models. The program is designed to help business consultants expand their minds, explore new perspectives, and master the skills and mindset needed to solve business challenges.

Global Analyst Training Program | a mini-MBA

The Global Analyst Training Program (GATP) is your chance to gain the skills, knowledge, and exposure necessary to advance your career as an Analyst. The program provides career-minded graduates a competitive head-start and a meaningful introduction to a thriving and lasting career. For ambitious young executives and new hires, enrolling in GATP is a unique way to expand their experience, enhance their qualifications and test out life in management consulting.

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